Helene Caron

Born in Laval in 1963, I currently reside in Blainville, Quebec, Canada.

The horses and visual arts have been part of my life since my childhood and my experiments with various artistic techniques led me to follow numerous art classes with different artists. In my mid-twenties, I realized that my works had a centralized horse theme. An ever-growing passion for horses captivated myself, I realized that horses had become my main source of inspiration, my “muse”. It is a splendid animal that stands for strength but at the same time shows an incredible softness. It is that softness that I express in the majority of my works.

In my paintings, I marry contemporary figurative and abstract techniques. Treated with great realism, like a drawing my white horses are painted in shades of gray. In contrast the background is composed of more saturated and sustained tones. The scenes created are attractive and intense. Some works tell a story, while others are left with the simple beauty and spirit of the animal.

In my most recent paintings, I took the freedom to make my horses with many colors. The emptiness or the pure space that surrounds the subject brings balance and calls for serenity and introspection in the viewer. My technique is often mixed, I combine acrylic with a diversity of mediums which allows for incredible effects and textures.

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