Anne Yvonne Jouan


After studying law at the university for four years, Anne-Yvonne Jouan enters the prestigious École du Louvre in Paris, where she studied art history for three years. Named art auctioneer in 1996, she evaluated and auctioned off thousands of pieces of art. After moving to Canada in 2006, she perfected her technique of classical drawing at the Academy of Realist Art (ARA) in Toronto. She now lives on the island of Orleans with her children and her husband, the sculptor Philippe Pallafray, and she devotes herself to creating art.

In my previous career, I inventoried many defunct interiors and often asked myself what happens to all these ‘little nothings’ we cling to our entire lives? Or to these abandoned places -from the grandest to the most intimate- in which we leave a part of ourselves? What do they become? The ruin thus reveals itself as a topical space suspending time, the fleeting nature of all things, and the irreversibility of decline. These architectures that lay damaged and forgotten, urge us to question the ephemeral fate of art creation -a mere reminder of our own destiny.