Julie Himel

Julie Himel is a Toronto painter primarily investigating the human condition through quiet moments of inner reflection. Figures are enveloped in personal spaces, absorbed in meditative activities. While the subjects look inward,the paintings question the thoughts in the mind of the subject, the subtext of the scene, the potential of the near future.

When the figures are removed from the view, still life and interior paintings result as portraits just the same.  Table settings, a chair in a room, or even a bar of soap and toothbrushes resting in a cup at the sink
attempt to capture the personalities and relationships of the people dwelling in those spaces.

The source of Julie’s imagery is photography, though photorealism is not the goal. Executed in oil paint on canvas or board, and using a modified or personalized impasto technique, brushstrokes remain visible.  A painterly rendering of the depth and character that is but a moment caught on film (or digitally) is what is attained.  Each brushstroke carries energy, thought and care.  Preserving those marks adds layers of emotion to the images.

With a Fine Art Diploma from Langara College, a BFA from York University,and a Graduate Diploma from the Toronto School of Art, her work can be found in private collections internationally, and public collections in Canada andthe United States.