Rachel Ovadia

Each artist is distinct. Regrettably though not all art work is distinct, and often what one sees and witnesses in "art works" is very similar --regardless of the actual artist. Rachel Ovadia's creations are distinguished. The more you look at any piece of her work, the more you realize that here is a view of shape, colour and expression that is haunting, long-lasting and executed with a sophistication and mastery of technique that often outstrips quantifiable value. Any one of her works is worth studying quietly and contemplatively. [Do it alone or in company -- you will inevitably start being enriched.]

At first, any one of her pieces appears deceptively simple -- in terms of form and colour and depth. Her visual thrift is replete with suggestions of contemporary civilization, loneliness, connection, possible emotion and thought. Bit by bit, each of these attributes take over influencing one's attention. Each factor begins getting richer and more profound. But always simply.  What a gift to have.