Susan Wilde

Sue has always been involved in the art world in some way, beginning her career in the advertising and
editorial fields doing art direction, layouts, marker renderings, illustrations and graphic design.
She now lives and paints on the lake in Stoney Creek, Ontario after returning several years ago from
many years in the Middle East.

During the past twenty years she has concentrated on fine art, initially working in oil pastels and
now painting in oils. Fine art training from the Renaissance period left her fascinated with the use of
chiaroscuro (strong light contrasted with deep shadow) which is evident in her work today.
"Strong light on a simple subject creates the most interesting contrasts – be it a strong spotlight out
of the darkness, or when the sun is low in the early morning or late afternoon and the shadows are longer."
Susan successfully applies the old advertising maxim "less is more" to her subject matter with
stunning effect.

Her current collection describes the subject with a simplicity that signifies her style.

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